Alert History - Generate Reports, Archived Data and Logs

In this article, you will learn how to generate a report for alerts, logs, or archived data.

Step 1:

To access Alert History in the Emergent 3 app, begin by opening a school in the app. Then, navigate to the Settings option and locate the Alert History in the menu.


Step 2:

In the Alert History section you will have access to a comprehensive list of alerts. If you're looking for a specific alert or a group of alerts within a particular date range, you can utilize the filters or manually select them. If you click on the icon on the right (), it will automatically select all possible alerts. You can then manually deselect the alerts that you don't want to generate a report for. On the other hand, if you click on the filter icon on the left, it will bring up a selection where you can filter alerts by date, type, or both.


Generate Report  

Step 3:

Once you have applied your desired filters, simply click Generate Report and then select "OK" to send the report to the email address you specified.


Press Generate report Request Multi Report

Step 4:

After generating the report, please allow approximately 30 minutes for it to be delivered to your email. Remember to check your spam folder in case the report was mistakenly filtered.