How to Add or Edit Plans

Learn how to modify a current plan or add a new plan

Step 1:

Navigate to settings > Plans > Select the desired Alert Type to edit or add a new plan.

Navigate to the Settings menu in your school and open the Plans page. From there, choose the Alert Type that you would like to make plan changes to.


Step 2:

A list of existing plans will be displayed, allowing you to easily edit each plan by selecting the drop-down arrow next to it. To create a new plan for the Alert, simply click the "New Plan" button at the bottom of the screen. This will open a blank plan where you can provide a name and write instructions. Remember to click "Save" when you are done to ensure that your changes are saved permanently.


Note: Each plan has its own delete button, which means that when you delete a plan, it will only delete that specific plan and will not affect any other plans or the Alert itself.