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Best Practices and Drill Schedule for E3

Teams with the most success with E3 implement some (not all) of the list below.

Best Practices 👍

  • Get comfortable with E3 by frequently practicing (establish a drill schedule). 
  • Remind staff to set their favorite locations and check their notification settings.
  • Mobile and desktop devices are ready with E3  and are logged in for the user.
  • Review your maps and plans (email us with any map changes)
  • Generate reports. View alert history, who checked-in, etc. 
  • Keep in touch with us. Reach out to your account manager anytime with questions or to schedule a refresher training.
  • Get familiar with the Help Center.

Drill Schedule Template 📅 

  • Send E3 Alert within one week of completing your staff training. 
  • Monthly E3 Alerts. Keep it simple, like the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Use E3 in conjunction with your fire drills.
    • Ex: Pull fire alarm, make the PA announcement and send E3 alert (typically you will not have a "Fire Drill" alert, so you will send an "Evacuate" alert or something similar.
  • Schedule a drill during an all-staff meeting for easy troubleshooting and feedback. 

Tip: Randomly choose a staff member to send an E3 alert for a drill, this gives your team the chance to not only respond to alerts but also send them.